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Internet domain names, like, have peculiar properties. They are nominally identifiers to underlying resources, like and The New York Times. However, they are not persistent identifiers, as their value can change. Rather, publications and their owners are more like tenants over the domain name, and can decide to vacate the domain, eventually leading to the domain describing a different resource than it did before.

This poses a significant challenge to modeling information sources. If a URL is identified as a reference in a Wikipedia article, and that URL is associated with a domain that has changed owners, the URL in question may or may not be a reliable source depending on when it was published.

As an interim solution, we have created the Internet Domains Wikibase, which creates items for individual domain names and then seeks to associate those with the publication or conceptual website they describe (via Wikidata item). Wikibase allows us to create nuanced statements through qualifiers, which is useful for describing the history of a domain name's ownership.


In order for the merger with the World News Wikibase to be complete, this should also be able to support querying domains by identified country. Also adding queryability by top-level domain would be useful as well.


Most items on this wiki are domain names. A domain name exists as a standalone entity apart from whatever companies or products are located at that domain name. Items with domain name items are assigned P1. values. Support items that are not domain names do not have P1 values.

Domains can then be associated with the publication or product contained at that domain with P2, with qualifiers as necessary.


Create new ones as needed through Special:NewProperty.


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